​NAYA NRES2015 Las Vegas Happening's!

​New york, ny Reception Promo

​Washington, D.C. Reception Promo

An important component of our group is our ability to create a sense of community for Yale Alumni who have a shared interest in Indian Country. This year we offered three (3) Nationwide Receptions in Washington, D.C., New York, NY, and Las Vegas, NV. At each reception, alumni were able to meet with NAYA Leadership and the Dean of the Native American Culture Center to learn about all of the exciting growth of the Native American Community and with the opening of the new Native American Culture Center, the message expansion opportunities for all Yalie's curious or interested in Native American Affairs.  

We are very proud to have worked with the Association of Yale Alumni to have had a presence at the Reservation Economic Summit RES2015, the premiere conference for Economic Development in Indian Country. 

We look forward to an exciting calendar for the upcoming year which includes the planning of the first ever NAYA service trip. Please take a look at our previous events, our video promos, and remember to contact us if you are interested in more information or ways to stay involved!