The Native American Yale Alumni association actively serves and engages its membership to strengthen our networks, provide mentoring opportunities, develop initiatives, and execute programs that bridge us to each other, our communities, current Native American students, Faculty, and to Yale University.  

"I think NAYA is a crucial organization that creates a strong and tight-knit community among Native American Yale Alumni. It helps us keep in contact, communicate, network, and shows current Native American Yale students that they have an excited community waiting for them once they graduate. I am so happy that I am a part of NAYA and look forward to its growth in the future."

          -- Gabriela Maya Bernadette, Tohono O'odam Nation, TD '08,                    Yale Class Secretary (2013-Present), At-Large Delegate,                          Alpha Pi Omega   

"NAYA represents growth for Native Yalies.  It is a chance for Native graduates to come together as a community so that can help each other, learn from each other, or just simply connect.  Hopefully we can create a strong network to mentor future Native Yale graduates."

          -- John Bathke, SY '93, Founder of the Association of Native                      American's At Yale

NAYA is as diverse as the members who comprise it. Membership is open to all alumni of Yale College & Graduate / Professional Schools who self-identify as indigenous as well as the many alumni who work within or share appreciation for Indian Country. Through our close partnership with the Association of Yale Alumni, NAYA hosted three nationwide events this year in D.C., NYC, and Las Vegas at the National Reservation Economic Summit. All events were greatly successful in mobilizing alumni across a spectrum of professions—from those in D.C. who are integral parts of the current Presidential Administration and leaders of many federal agencies, to those in New York who are philanthropists and consultants in the arts, to alumni in the West who remain deeply connected to the growth of Business and Economic Development in Indian Country.

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we believe in empowering indian country through our shared legacy of leadership.